Donate Your Shoes!


Your new and gently used shoes can have a big impact on businesses around the world. Mission Central accepts all types of footwear as long as the pair is complete and there is life left in the soles. These shoes serve as a philanthropic bridge to give people a hand-up and work opportunity, rather than just a hand-out. Plus, this is a responsible way to dispose of shoes – shoes can take more than a lifetime to decompose when improperly discarded.

So how does this all work?
Bring your shoes to donate to church and place them in The Huge Box at church. We will get them to Mission Central. Your donated shoes are sent globally. Micro-entrepreneurs set up small businesses. The shoes are cleaned. Then, the donated shoes are sold in the local community. This then creates business and commerce opportunities leading to sustainability.

This program is a vital program for Mission Central. Not only does it provide resources for communities to thrive but Mission Central is provided with a small payment for these shoes that we put directly back into mission – Connecting God’s Resources with Human Need. Thank you for your support!

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