Chicken Pie Supper – Thank You!

This year Vacation Bible School at Granville United Methodist decided to do a chicken pie supper to raise funds for VBS week.  On March 27th we met at the church to start preparations for Saturday, March 29th, the day of the supper.  We were so blessed to have so many people come and share in the fellowship.  The younger women were getting our lessons from the “little bit older” women when we got the devastating news that the 300 block of Juniata Terrace was on fire!  VBS then decided we would re-route our proceeds to the Juniata Terrace Fire Fund. Wow, what a great job you all did! Granville United Methodist Church, along with donations from the community, raised over $5,000.  This is just a small deed that shows what this church is made of!!  Awesome people! I’m so glad to be a part of this.  It makes me proud to say I’m a member of this church.  Thank you to all for your help, donations and support.

In God’s Love,

Vickie Kauffman and the VBS Committee

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